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Eye Associates of Southern California

Eye Associates of Southern California offers ophthalmic medical & surgical services for the entire family and for patients of all ages. We also offer laser refractive surgery to free patients from their glasses and contact lenses.

Our practice is located in the breathtaking high desert community of Temecula, California, where “The sun breaks through the mist.” 

Our compassionate eye professionals and ophthalmologists hail from the most prestigious training institutions and perform the most modern optical care and surgical techniques. 

Use our website for the education of you and your friends.  Call us to get your personal consultation.

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Make an appointment online or call us (at 951-303-6111) for your personal consultation with our Eye Physicians, Surgeons, and Doctors at Eye Associates of Southern California. New patient forms.


"Both the experience, and the vast training of these ophthalmologists (MDs and PhDs) attracted us, but it was the gentle part that impressed us."

"I felt very good during the exam... never hurried. The staff is very kind. Highly recommended."

"I highly recommend this eye clinic to all my friends and family!"

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