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Temecula Murrieta Rescue Mission Expands & Partners with Eye Associates of Southern California

Two years ago, the Orange County Rescue Mission and Rancho Community Church in Temecula joined forces to provide help and hope for struggling families.

Nearly a million food boxes later, the Temecula Murrieta Rescue Mission's scope has grown to provide clothing, medical care and temporary housing to those in need, regardless of their religion.

"I don't think the narrative of this recession is quite over," said Rancho Pastor Scott Treadway. "The need is as great as we've ever seen it."

In an average month, the mission assists 53 seniors, 177 children and 391 adults. It distributes 42,500 meals through food boxes as well as 3,289 articles of clothing, according to the mission's figures.

A faith-based nonprofit group formed in the 1960s, the Orange County mission, which has a $16.2 million budget, uses its logistical framework to complement the local knowledge and manpower of Rancho Community, one of the largest churches in southwest Riverside County...

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Eye Associates of Southern California is proud to recently open next to Rancho Community Church to be close to the rescue mission. Patients who need eye exams, eye glasses, or ophthalmic services are referred by the mission and are among the patients being cared for at Eye Associates of Southern California. When Andrew Doan, MD, PhD volunteered as a medical provider at the Rescue Mission, he saw a need for eye care as there were no eye doctors associated with the Rescue Mission. Many of the patients at the Rescue Mission lost their jobs or are in unfortunate circumstances where they lost their health insurance. Without insurance, the patients were not able to get affordable glasses prescriptions, and the patients with medical problems, such as diabetes, were unable to receive necessary complete eye exams and treatment.

One of the core missions at Eye Associates of Southern California is to pay it forward by serving all patients, insured and uninsured through partnering with the Temecula Murrieta Rescue Mission. If a patient has lost their job, cannot see, and cannot afford glasses, then how will the individual be able to find a job and work? Through the partnership with the Temecula Murrieta Rescue Mission, Eye Associates of Southern California provides care and helps patients who cannot afford to pay for their eye exams.

In addition, our clinic helps the patients purchase glasses for as little as ten dollars through online vendors.


Make an appointment online or call us (at 951-303-6111) for your personal consultation with our Eye Physicians, Surgeons, and Doctors at Eye Associates of Southern California. New patient forms.


"Both the experience, and the vast training of these ophthalmologists (MDs and PhDs) attracted us, but it was the gentle part that impressed us."

"I felt very good during the exam... never hurried. The staff is very kind. Highly recommended."

"I highly recommend this eye clinic to all my friends and family!"

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