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What kind of lens should I get for cataract surgery?

Have you heard about the multifocal or accommodating lenses?  Trade names like Restor, Tecnis, and Crystalens are beginning to have instant name recognition when people talk about cataract surgery.  These are artificial lenses that are inserted at the time of cataract surgery to treat vision at most distance ranges to reduce or even eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses after cataracts are removed.  Is this a good option for you as you decide to have your cataracts removed?  Which one should you chose?

First you must decide if you want your cataracts removed.  This is an important decision that you should make with your eye surgeon.  If you would like to learn more about cataract surgery click here.

Once you’ve decided to have cataract surgery, discuss with your surgeon what kind of vision expectations you might anticipate.  Do you do fine, intricate work at near range?  What are your job demands?  Hobbies?  Do you depend a great deal on your night vision?  These questions are very important because lens technology is not perfect.  Some lenses give better near vision than others.  Some lenses have a higher incidence of glare and halos which could affect your night vision.

Multifocal and accommodating lenses are considered to be “premium lenses” and therefore require some payment beyond what insurance will pay for cataract surgery.  The cost of the lens and the procedure should be a consideration when you decide whether or not these lenses are right for you.  Sometimes a laser refractive touch-up is useful after your cataract surgery in order to eliminate any residual refractive error.


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